Preliminary Asset Management Reports, Kids, Debt and More.

Clients of Financial Planning Associates, Inc., your 1st quarter preliminary reports have been posted. Final reports will be posted as soon as final consumer price index information becomes available. Our clients generally increased their wealth during the first quarter, although there were some portfolios with slight losses. The weighted average of our clients’ returns was +1.00%. Do you have debt? As the graphic below… Read more →

401K Rollovers, IRAs, RMDs and Fiduciaries

Are you planning to roll your 401K account into an IRA when you retire? As a rule that’s exactly what we recommend that our clients do, and for some very good reasons: A direct rollover is not a taxable event, so the beneficiary can continue to defer taxation of income and gains just as if the assets had stayed in the employer’s… Read more →

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Schwab Tax Documents Available Feb 26

Schwab has announced that tax documents will be available February 26th. To view or download your documents (after Feb 26) follow the steps below: Go to At the top of the page, click the “Clients” link. From the drop down menu links click “Schwab Alliance Login.” If you have previously set up your login credentials, enter them, login and find your documents.… Read more →

Social Security, Healthcare Costs and More.

Did you know that social security beneficiaries can have as many as 150,000 options to consider when making their benefit elections? That’s right, according to Laurence Kotlikoff, Ph.D., Professor of Economics at Boston University you might need to consider as many as 150,000 options in order to receive your maximum benefit. Dr. Kotlikoff has co-written a book entitled, Get What’s Yours, The… Read more →