Transferring Cash To/From Your Schwab Account(s) And Your Bank Account(s)

Do you need to transfer money between your Schwab accounts and your bank accounts? Just follow the steps below.

First, navigate to and click the Clients link from the main menu. Then select the Schwab Alliance Login link.

From choose the Clients link, then the Schwab Alliance Login link.


Enter your credentials on the login screen. If you encounter any difficulty here called the Schwab Alliance team at 800-515-2157. The Schwab alliance team is a team of Schwab employees whose purpose is to assist clients of advisors, like Financial Planning Associates Inc. who are associated with the Schwab Institutional organization. (We recommend that you establish multi-factor authentication here. Should you have any question concerning this, or if you have not yet set up a Schwab Alliance account contact your Schwab Alliance team.)

The Schwab Alliance login screen.


After logging in select Accounts, then Transfers & Payments.

Select Accounts then Transfers & Payment








Choose Online Transfer (or Check Request if applicable), then Setup, Cash Only and choose your accounts. Note that you can use this portal to move cash to your bank account from your Schwab account, or to your Schwab account from your bank account.

Setup your transfer


















After your accounts are chosen the next screen will ask how much cash you are transferring. (Image not available.) Just follow the prompts.


If you have further questions, call Schwab Alliance at 800-515-2157, or call us at 636.527.5010.