Our Philosophy and Beliefs

Jayne Goodin and Carl Goodin

We believe that EVERYONE needs to have an informed, coordinated personal financial plan. The plan should reflect the values and aspirations of the individual, or couple, or trust, etc. An objective and insightful planning adviser can add wisdom and efficiency to the process.

With regard to investment policy, our emphasis is on helping our clients manage risks – all of them. We have studied capital markets for many years. Our experience can help our clients understand the likely results of their investment choices and avoid unnecessary volatility.

We believe that in a personal service business, small is beautiful. Big businesses can have difficulty delivering truly individualized services. Our business is personal. We know our clients.

Small and well-connected is really beautiful. Delivering excellent client service in the 21st century requires relationships with strategic associates, such as Schwab Institutional, RightCapital, Morningstar Office, Total Rebalance Expert, Microsoft 365, Teams, and Wealthbox CRM. Our associates become your associates, our resources become your resources.

Our approach to personal service is…personal. Your situation, your goals, and your values are unique. The best answers to your questions are those which recognize your uniqueness.

Financial Planning Associates, Inc. is a Missouri Registered Investment Adviser offering investment management and personal financial planning services as a fiduciary on a Fee-Only basis. The firm’s principal executive officer is Carl D. Goodin, CFP®, President.

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