Welcome, 2023

So far 2023 is looking good for investors! As illustrated in the chart below the Vanguard (US) Large Cap ETF gained 4.22% during the first two weeks of the new year. The small cap growth ETF is up 7.77%. ARKK is up 15.11% and TARK is up 31.43%. And as I write this on Tuesday, the 17th our investors are having another profitable day. After 3 challenging years it is good to see what I hope is the beginning of a new trend, an upward trend. Welcome, 2023.

US equity market growth during the first two weeks of 2023.

There are questions, and headwinds, of course. There are always questions and headwinds. However, equity markets often move up in spite of questions and headwinds.

Toward the end of 2019 Congress passed and President Trump signed into law the SECURE Act, which changed some of the rules regarding retirement plans and incentives. Now, as of December of 2022 the Congress has passed and President Biden has signed into law the SECURE Act 2.0, which again changes some of the rules regarding retirement plans and incentives. Included below are some of the issues to consider regarding changes made by the SECURE Act 2.0.

SECURE Act 2.0

There is a whole lot of news regarding new technologies that I look forward to reporting on in coming posts, but time does not allow right now.

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The new year is starting off well in many ways and I want to keep the good vibrations happening. So, here for your amusement and amazement are a couple of pictures of our grandson and his friend. They stay pretty busy rearranging things around the house, watching videos, playing with Christmas toys and taking naps. And they are active members of the neighborhood watch team.

Life is good.
Neighborhood Watch.

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