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Regarding insurance.

About long term care insurance.

Long term care insurance pays a benefit when someone cannot physically take care of himself or herself.  The benefit is used to pay for expenses related to home health care, skilled nursing care, intermediate care, or custodial care.  Tax qualified long term care insurance policies must pay benefits based on the insured’s need for assistance with the two or more… Read more →

What life insurance company should I choose?

Yes, it matters. It does matter what company you choose.  And what specific product. Life insurance policies are not “commodities.”  There are significant differences among them.  In my opinion, people need the services of a good life insurance agent/broker/producer.  Errors in information, judgment, or communication can result in losses of hundreds of thousands, or millions of dollars. Why pay more?… Read more →

About insurance…

Insurance is about risk management. Insurance is a device to manage risk.  So, what is risk? Risk is a condition in which there is a possibility of an adverse deviation from a desired outcome that is expected or hoped for.¹ For example, the desired outcome for most families would be that both parents remain healthy and able to provide for… Read more →

Other life insurance questions.

There are other questions that must be answered when considering the purchase of life insurance. Questions like: Who should own the policy? Who should the beneficiary(s) be? How should the premiums be paid? These questions and others will be discussed in a subsequent blog entry. Related Posts: About insurance… Read more →