Month: August 2013

Some of our clients have asked if we should invest in gold. (Posted August, 2013)

Don’t you wish you would have purchased gold early in 2009? Remember? The global credit crisis? The “world is going to hell in a handbasket” scenario? Many speculators rushed to buy gold, and the price shot up, and up some more. The airwaves were jammed with talking heads reporting record profits from investing in gold, and there were advertisements a… Read more →

Schwab eDelivery

Most of our client assets are held in custody by Charles Schwab & Company, a registered broker/dealer which executes trades in our client accounts per our instructions. Schwab was one of the early discount brokers, and their $8.95 transaction fee remains quite competitive today.¹ However, the discounted fee is only available to clients who have authorized electronic document delivery. Read more →