Month: July 2021

Risk Tolerance, Inflation, DARPA & AI.

What is your risk tolerance? During the financial planning process we ask questions about – well, everything that might possibly be useful in understanding our clients as they consider their priorities, concerns, strengths, limitations, etc., etc. Specifically with regard to developing and maintaining a proper investment policy it is useful to assess our client’s risk tolerance. A relatively new idea… Read more →

Good News, and Bad News.

The good news: The recently reported problem with Morningstar client web portal uploads has been fixed. The bad news: Documents uploaded between June 16 and July 2 are not recoverable. If you uploaded documents to your web portal during the period in question, please re-upload those documents. We feel bad about this inconvenience. Therefore, the next time a Mister Softy… Read more →

Another Good Quarter and HSA Info.

Second quarter investment management reports are now posted. It was a very good quarter for our investors. During the first half of 2021 all of our investment clients experienced positive growth. New clients should click the link below to view the path to the data, including the overview information and the quarterly reports which are located under the documents link.… Read more →