ARKK and Jayne’s Knees Are Doing Better

My Jayne has suffered with arthritic knees for the past several years. Last July she engaged Dr. William Schroer, a specialist in joint reconstruction and replacement surgery to fix her left knee. The good doctor and his team did a wonderful job, and a few days ago they also fixed her right knee. Soon she will again be able to enjoy walking and riding her bicycle without pain. I tell you this good news to explain why our office operations are presently not quite as efficient as our clients have come to expect. Please bear with us.

ARK Innovation gets some love. During recent months many investors concerned about a pandemic, rising inflation and the Russian invasion of Ukraine have sold positions in smaller, more volatile companies in favor of larger, more established stocks. As a result, the stock price for the ARK Innovation fund (ARKK) has suffered. It has been our conviction that at some point holders of this, and other similar funds would be rewarded. Late last week we saw what we hope is the beginning of a trend. From Wednesday’s market open through Friday’s close ARKK gained 25.98%. The volatility will not be over, but this is a good sign.

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