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Quick Note February 2, 2017 – Schwab Trading Costs, IRS Resources.

Schwab reduces trading costs. Many of the core holdings that we employ for the benefit of our clients are traded without commissions. However, some of the holdings that we prefer can only be traded with commissions. Schwab has now reduced their commission rate on these trades. Going forward our clients who choose electronic document delivery will pay just $6.95 to… Read more →

Inflation, Interest Rates, Capital Losses and Thanksgiving

Some of our clients will notice that we have sold some of their bond positions in their IRA accounts. This is in anticipation that inflation, and interest rates will likely be increasing some during the next several years. Also, some of our clients will notice that we have sold some of their positions in taxable accounts. This is to realize certain capital… Read more →

Third Quarter 2016: Another Good Quarter

Our asset management clients all experienced investment gains during the 3rd quarter, the average being +3.62%. In all cases, we have maintained a substantial portion of the portfolios in low risk investment classes, like TIPS, short duration bonds and cash, because we continue to fear a substantial downturn, even as we have enjoyed a good year so far. The average return… Read more →

Brexit and Quick Notes.

(This blog post was written at around 4AM on Friday, June 24. It was supposed to have been email blasted to our clients at 9AM that morning, but a technical problem prevented it from being distributed at that time.) As I write this, 4.5 hours before US markets open the WSJ is reporting that Britons have voted, by the slimmest of margins to leave… Read more →