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Changes To Online Payments.

For the past three years, many of our clients have preferred to pay their personal financial planning fees using our online payment facility, which until now made use of the Amazon Pay system. Well, a few days ago the good folks at Amazon Pay suspended our account with no prior notice after deciding that “regulated financial service” companies were not… Read more →

Two Very Quick Notes, Jan 22 2019

Clients of Financial Planning Associates, Inc., please note that your 4th quarter investment management reports were posted on January 3rd. Normally we confirm the posting of quarterly reports on the day that they are posted; however, in this case a software issue prevented us from publishing a notification until now. My father, Earl W. Goodin passed away from this life… Read more →

A Very Quick Note Regarding The KBS Strategic Opportunity REIT.

For those clients who own the KBS Strategic Opportunity Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT), please note that the recent declaration of a special dividend does not require any action on your part. We recommend that you affirm the default choice by taking no action. As a result, you will be receiving a check in December for some of the proceeds… Read more →