Another Good Quarter and HSA Info.

Second quarter investment management reports are now posted. It was a very good quarter for our investors. During the first half of 2021 all of our investment clients experienced positive growth.

New clients should click the link below to view the path to the data, including the overview information and the quarterly reports which are located under the documents link.

Just One Very Quick Note. – Financial Planning Associates, Inc. | Carl Goodin, CFP (

We’re living in a complex time and place. Often it is difficult to find good answers to seemingly simple questions. For instance, many employed people take advantage of a benefit called a health savings account (HSA), which allows before-tax contributions in order to pay for medical expenses. So far, so good – before-tax contributions, possible non-taxable growth, tax-free distributions. The complication has to do with the distributions, which may be tax-free or taxable at ordinary income tax rates, with or without a penalty. Below is a link to a tool for understanding IRS logic in this matter. If you are interested you may download it.

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