Schwab eDelivery

Most of our client assets are held in custody by Charles Schwab & Company, a registered broker/dealer which executes trades in our client accounts per our instructions. Schwab was one of the early discount brokers, and their $8.95 transaction fee remains quite competitive today.¹ However, the discounted fee is only available to clients who have authorized electronic document delivery.

We recommend that our clients sign up for Schwab’s document eDelivery service.

With this service your documents are sent to you via email instead of traditional “snail” mail. You’ll get your information quicker, and you won’t have to deal with boxes of brokerage statements taking up room in your home.  (If you’re concerned that Schwab will “lose” your electronic documents, you can engage an inexpensive archival service, like Carbonite to secure your own electronic copies.)

Your home will have less clutter, and your trading costs will be reduced.

Please note that we can only help OUR CLIENTS with the signup process for eDelivery. If you are a Schwab client, but not a client of Financial Planning Associates, Inc. you should contact Schwab directly to sign up for eDelivery. The phone number is: 866.855.9102.

¹In addition, many excellent exchange traded funds and mutual funds trade at Schwab without a transaction fee.

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