Why choose us?

Because you are our focus.

It’s about you. Your values, your objectives, your questions and your concerns.

Because we can help.

We bring knowledge, experience and resources.

Some of the resources we bring include:

  1. Schwab Institutional. As an independent, fee-only registered investment adviser it is important that we choose a sturdy, competitive custodian for investments under our care. We chose Charles Schwab and Company 25 years ago and have been satisfied with their service ever since.
    1. Important note: We do not take custody of our clients’ accounts. We provide investment management services, but our clients’ accounts are never held in our name. We think this is important. Bernie Madoff took custody of his clients’ accounts. 
  2.  RightCapital. Our approach to financial planning is cash flow based, and RightCapital is the most powerful software tool available for modeling cash flows. With it we are able to show our clients their possible futures based on the choices they make, now and later. We model multiple scenarios illustrating the effects of inflation, investment returns, taxation, retirement planning alternatives, death, disability, etc. 
  3. The Morningstar Office database of stocks, bonds, exchange traded funds, separate accounts, annuities, etc., etc. Access to an extensive range of data points gives us insights concerning the capital markets. That is not to say that we are able to time markets or guarantee investment returns, but we hope to avoid costly mistakes that might prevent our clients from reaching their financial goals. We take advantage of every available information source, including data provided by Ibbotson Associates and Morningstar’s buy-side analysts.  
  4. TRX. Total rebalance expert is a professional level rebalancing tool. It allows us to efficiently implement a custom strategic investment policy for each of our clients while maintaining desirable flexibility. 
  5. Microsoft 365, Teams, and Wealthbox CRM. These cloud-based applications allow our small service business to access the same level of security and operational efficiencies employed by much bigger companies. 
  6. Security. We take the security of your data very seriously. We use high-quality malware protection services, strong encryption, multifactor authentication and strong passwords. As a small, but well-connected company a minimum number of employees have access to client data.
  7. We are fee-only fiduciaries. We have no commission conflicts. Our clients pay us directly from their bank account, credit account or brokerage account. Direct client payments are our only source of income. As a registered investment adviser our office operations are examined about once every three years by the Missouri Securities Division. 
  8. We’ve been around the financial block before. We’ve experienced bull markets and bear markets. We lived through the 1970s. We’ve seen inflation, disinflation and deflation. We’ve been paying attention for a lot of years. We think an adviser with whitish hair is a good thing.
  9. Our fees tend to be a bit lower than average. We use technologies well which allows us to charge our clients less than you might expect.