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A Note About Inflation

A note about inflation. For quite a few years now, some experts have predicted great inflation due to the easy money policies of the Fed since the Great Recession. For example, Larry Kudlow, President Trump’s recently appointed Director of the National Economic Council said the following in response to a question during an interview published in Townhall.com on May 5,… Read more →

Our Investments Have Grown Faster Than Inflation!

We’re gaining on inflation! Two months into third quarter of 2017 our investors’ portfolios have gained 2.30%. The aggregate annualized return for our investors during the past 5 years has been +5.29%. Inflation during the past 5 years has averaged 1.25%. Thus, our investors’ portfolios, generally have returned more than 4 times the rate of inflation. Note: The calculation used to… Read more →

Brief Notes Regarding KBS REITs and Property and Liability Insurance Claims

At our recommendation some of our clients own non-traded real estate investment trusts (REITs) offered and managed by KBS Capital Markets Group and KBS Capital Advisors respectively. These assets have had a positive effect on the risk adjusted returns experienced by our clients who hold them and we expect that positive effect to continue. They are also illiquid assets with… Read more →

Security, Securities and More.

Asset management clients of Financial Planning Associates, Inc. please note that your 3rd quarter preliminary reports have been posted to your secure folder. Our clients lost some value during the quarter, typically 5% to 7%. Because securities have been “on sale” we have been purchasing assets in those accounts where it is appropriate. In the longer term we believe this will… Read more →