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Just A Few Things.

If you are an investment client of Financial Planning Associates, Inc., your preliminary 3rd quarter reports have been posted in your secure web portal. During the quarter our clients’ investment accounts increased in value by an aggregate average amount of 2.35%. Our most aggressively managed portfolio increased by 9.22% during the quarter. The average increase during the past 12 months… Read more →

Happy Thanksgiving and Some More Stuff.

This week we Americans celebrate my favorite holiday, Thanksgiving. The idea is to pause from our usual daily pursuits in order to give thanks for all of the really good stuff in life. And when I say really good stuff of course I’m talking about mashed potatoes, gravy, turkey and stuffing. No, actually those are only the “good stuff.” The “really… Read more →

About retirement…

The term I prefer is “financial independence.”  And the question is, “What does it take to be financially independent?”  It takes income.  Income which is sufficient to meet required outflows, and which is not dependent upon continued employment.  Please note that the attainment of some arbitrary age, such as 65, is not what is required.  Some folks are financially independent… Read more →