Preliminary Asset Management Reports, Kids, Debt and More.

Clients of Financial Planning Associates, Inc., your 1st quarter preliminary reports have been posted. Final reports will be posted as soon as final consumer price index information becomes available. Our clients generally increased their wealth during the first quarter, although there were some portfolios with slight losses. The average of our clients’ returns was +1.00%.

Do you have debt? As the graphic below points out, 39% of US adults carry credit card debt from month to month. Do you want to get out of debt? Click the link below to get some help.

7 Steps Anyone Can Take to Get Out of Debt.

Of course, a good financial planner can help you model and track your cash flows, and help you see the big picture, which makes good cash flow management more likely.

If you have children, or if you are thinking about having children you might want to contemplate the question, “Who is going to teach my children about money?” Click the link below for some insight.

Kids and Money

Presented below are some interesting statistics concerning money for your consideration.

Why Financial Planning Is Important

 Final thought: 87.6% of statistics are just made up.
Laughing Face

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