Quick Note February 2, 2017 – Schwab Trading Costs, IRS Resources.

Schwab reduces trading costs. Many of the core holdings that we employ for the benefit of our clients are traded without commissions. However, some of the holdings that we prefer can only be traded with commissions. Schwab has now reduced their commission rate on these trades. Going forward our clients who choose electronic document delivery will pay just $6.95 to buy or sell exchange traded funds or stocks. Minimizing the costs associated with managing investments can have a significant positive impact on the long-term total return of a portfolio, and since Schwab Institutional continues to be a competitive leader in this regard our clients continue to benefit.

Did you know that the IRS website has an interactive tax assistant? If you have a tax question you can enter it, then respond to questions posed by the interactive tax assistant to clarify and specify your situation, and then receive an answer to your question. In some cases the assistant answers your question directly, in other cases it suggests resources to be reviewed. If you would like to give it a try click here.

Have you received a phone call from the IRS? Very likely it was not the IRS. And since tax scams generally proliferate during tax filing season the IRS has published information concerning the “dirty dozen” tax scams. If you have questions, or suspicions click here.

Do you know what happens when you refer our services to someone that you know? You go to the top of our list of favorite people.

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