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IM Reports, Dementia

If you are an investment client of Financial Planning Associates, Inc., your preliminary 2nd quarter reports have been posted to your secure web portal. During the quarter our clients’ investment accounts increased in value by an aggregate average amount of +1.06%. The portfolio with the highest return increased by +3.72% during the quarter. So far in 2019 our client accounts… Read more →

Social Security, Healthcare Costs and More.

Did you know that social security beneficiaries can have as many as 150,000 options to consider when making their benefit elections? That’s right, according to Laurence Kotlikoff, Ph.D., Professor of Economics at Boston University you might need to consider as many as 150,000 options in order to receive your maximum benefit. Dr. Kotlikoff has co-written a book entitled, Get What’s Yours, The… Read more →