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If you are an investment client of Financial Planning Associates, Inc., your preliminary 2nd quarter reports have been posted to your secure web portal. During the quarter our clients’ investment accounts increased in value by an aggregate average amount of +1.06%. The portfolio with the highest return increased by +3.72% during the quarter. So far in 2019 our client accounts have increased in value by an aggregate average amount of +9.29%, and the client portfolio with the greatest return this year has gained +22.4%. Final reports will replace the preliminary reports after June inflation information becomes available.

Note: The calculation used to determine our clients’ aggregate returns is called the internal rate of return. It is cash flow specific and is net of all fees and expenses. It represents the average return experienced by our investment clients, from the most conservative to the least conservative who were invested during any portion of the period. Typically, our younger clients experience returns greater than the aggregate, and our most conservative investors may experience results that are lower. Investment return information is provided by Morningstar using GIPS standards.

How much do you pay now for healthcare? How much will you pay for healthcare later on? These are questions that must be considered when planning for retirement. Studies have found that Americans are concerned about the likely increases in costs associated with healthcare. Rightly so. Is there anything that you and I can do to avoid, or minimize increasing healthcare costs? There is.

Have you ever noticed that advertisements for healthcare products often include disclaimer language similar to this? “Our product has been found to be effective when combined with regular exercise and good nutrition.” It’s almost like they are telling us that in order to be healthy we need to exercise regularly and make good food choices. But, we know this. We have known this for a long time. Now the World Health Organization provides another reason to exercise – avoiding dementia.

Dementia (Noun): A chronic or persistent disorder of the mental processes caused by brain disease or injury and marked by memory disorders, personality changes, and impaired reasoning. Synonyms: mental illness · madness · insanity · derangement · lunacy · senile dementia · Alzheimer’s disease · Alzheimer’s · softening of the brain

From the World Health Organization website:

Risk factors and prevention
Although age is the strongest known risk factor for dementia, it is not an inevitable consequence of ageing. Further, dementia does not exclusively affect older people – young onset dementia (defined as the onset of symptoms before the age of 65 years) accounts for up to 9% of cases. Studies show that people can reduce their risk of dementia by getting regular exercise, not smoking, avoiding harmful use of alcohol, controlling their weight, eating a healthy diet, and maintaining healthy blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar levels, Additional risk factors include depression, low educational attainment, social isolation, and cognitive inactivity.

So, I’ll see you at the gym. Or on the track. Or in the yard. Or on your yoga mat. As the song says, let’s get physical!

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