A Very Quick Note About fpai.net.

A few days ago a technical error caused the FPAI.net firewall to disconnect the website Extended Validation SSL security certificate. As a result, if you attempted to connect to our site you may have encountered an error message instead of seeing the normal landing page. The problem has now been identified and the basic SSL security certificate has been applied. The site is now secured, and functions normally. You see the familiar lock icon in your browser address window.

However, the Extended Validation SSL security certificate will require a few more days to be fully implemented. When the application of the EV SSL security certificate is completed, in addition to the lock icon the company name, Financial Planning Associates, Inc. will once again appear in your browser address window in green letters, assuring you that you have connected to our site and have not been re-directed to an unintended site. Maintaining the Extended Validation SSL security certificate is an extra step that we take to maximize the safety of our clients’ online activities.

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