Two Very Quick Notes

#1. If you use the Microsoft Edge browser, and if you have installed the most recent Microsoft software updates you may now be unable to access your secure client (Morningstar) portal. We are aware of this problem and are searching for a fix. In the meantime, we suggest you use the (Google) Chrome browser, which is not affected. If you do not presently have Chrome, you can download it here.

#2. Jayne and I will be enjoying some vacation time with our children and son-in-law next week in Central Florida. We will still be in touch and able to assist with client needs, but our responses may not be as timely as usual.

Note: Financial Planning Associates, Inc. is an investment adviser, registered in the State of Missouri. As such we are required annually to offer to provide a copy of the current version of our adviser’s brochure and privacy policy to our clients. These documents are continuously posted on this website. You can locate them toward the bottom of the front page in the Quick Links area. They are entitled Brochure and Privacy Policy, respectively.

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