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A Note About Inflation

A note about inflation. For quite a few years now, some experts have predicted great inflation due to the easy money policies of the Fed since the Great Recession. For example, Larry Kudlow, President Trump’s recently appointed Director of the National Economic Council said the following in response to a question during an interview published in Townhall.com on May 5,… Read more →

Our investors have done well!

Our investors continue to gain on inflation! During the third quarter of 2017 our investors’ portfolios, in the aggregate have increased in value by 4.12%. The average annualized return for our investors during the past 5 years has been +5.31%. The precise rate of inflation during the past 5 years is not yet known, but a good estimate would be about… Read more →

Our Investments Have Grown Faster Than Inflation!

We’re gaining on inflation! Two months into third quarter of 2017 our investors’ portfolios have gained 2.30%. The aggregate annualized return for our investors during the past 5 years has been +5.29%. Inflation during the past 5 years has averaged 1.25%. Thus, our investors’ portfolios, generally have returned more than 4 times the rate of inflation. Note: The calculation used to… Read more →

Safer Cars and Less Safe Pensions.

First a bit about safer cars. If you have read my blog posts you know that I expect transportation to change dramatically during the next 5 to10 years. I expect costs to be substantially reduced. I have mentioned the Uber effect. I have mentioned my niece in Chicago who uses Uber to get around town. I was with her recently, and she… Read more →

So, where’s my paperless office?

In this blogpost, in addition to discussing the paperless office question I will share some information regarding inflation, techknowledgy¹ and the continuing value of investment diversification. But, first a brief update for our asset management clients follows below: Midway through the 4th quarter of 2015 our investment clients are all experiencing positive growth. The client with the highest return so far this… Read more →