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Our investors have done well!

Our investors continue to gain on inflation! During the third quarter of 2017 our investors’ portfolios, in the aggregate have increased in value by 4.12%. The average annualized return for our investors during the past 5 years has been +5.31%. The precise rate of inflation during the past 5 years is not yet known, but a good estimate would be about… Read more →

4th Quarter Investment Results and More.

Our investment management clients will now find preliminary 4th quarter reports posted in their secure folders. It was a pretty good quarter for most, with the average total return being a gain of 1.92%. The cost of living decreased by approximately 0.15%. Final inflation numbers will become available around the 20th of January. Category returns for the quarter, and the year are shown below.… Read more →

A Quick Note, October 27 2015.

It is not uncommon for a client to say something like this, “Investment X has gained a lot lately. Why don’t we invest more in it?” Or, “Why do we keep holding money market funds and short-term bonds when the yield is so low?” The answer to these questions is related to the experience written about in an Associated Press release published… Read more →