Navigating The Great Cessation.

“Ladies and gentlemen, this is your captain speaking. We have a small problem. All four engines have stopped. We are doing our damnedest to get them going again. I trust you are not in too much distress.” With these words Captain Eric H. J. Moody “reassured” the passengers on his British Airways Boeing 747 aircraft in June of 1982 as… Read more →

Is it different this time?

Regular readers of this blog may remember that because of the time that we inhabit, because of the accumulation and application of ever-increasing knowledge, because of the speed of change, and the acceleration of knowledge and change I believe that this time is different. It is. In so many ways. At this moment we are aware of and contending with… Read more →

Important News For Our Investment Clients

Investment management fees have been reduced! Effective January 1st of this year we reduced our fee for clients with aggregate account values of $1.5 million or more under our care. Beginning July 1st we anticipate fee reductions for clients with $500,000 or more under our care. We are able to do this by continuing to adopt and use new technologies… Read more →

Investment Reports and Two Warnings.

If you are an investment client of Financial Planning Associates, Inc., your preliminary 4th quarter reports have been posted to your secure web portal. During 2019 our clients’ investment accounts changed in value by an aggregate average amount of +14.12%. The portfolio with the highest return increased by +47.16% during the year. Final reports will replace the preliminary reports after inflation information… Read more →