Inflation, Interest Rates, Capital Losses and Thanksgiving

Some of our clients will notice that we have sold some of their bond positions in their IRA accounts. This is in anticipation that inflation, and interest rates will likely be increasing some during the next several years. Also, some of our clients will notice that we have sold some of their positions in taxable accounts. This is to realize certain capital losses for income tax purposes.

People used to carry checkbooks in their pockets. They were blue. Made of some sort of cheap vinyl, which would tear from persistent use. Later we would upgrade to fancier cover materials. At one point I had a leather check wallet. Today most of us do not carry check books, because we don’t write many checks. We pay with bank cards – credit cards and debit cards. Recognizing the convenience of paying by card we have now added this capability to our website. For those who would like to pay their personal financial planning fee by card you can do so by selecting the Clients link from the main menu on the landing page. From the drop down menu, choose Purchase Service and follow the prompts. At the Checkout page you will click the Pay with Amazon button to make your payment through the AmazonPayments service. (If you don’t have an Amazon account you can easily set one up. Just click the Create an Amazon Account button after you click the Pay with Amazon button.) We chose the AmazonPayments service because it is convenient and secure.

As we approach the traditional Thanksgiving holiday, we hope that you are able to enjoy some relaxed time with your family and friends. Regardless of the various stresses and strains that many of us endure it is beneficial to pause and consider the many blessing that we enjoy. One of my basketball buddies recently said that life is all about relationships. I think so.

Financial Planning Associates, Inc. is a Missouri registered investment adviser, and it is a regulatory requirement that registered advisers offer annually to provide clients with the current version of the adviser’s brochure and privacy policy. These documents are continuously posted on this website. You can locate them toward the bottom of the front page in the Quick Links area. They are entitled Brochure and Privacy Policy, respectively.

A recent CNN news story pointed out that president-elect Trump is working on several day-one initiatives, including an executive action to prohibit the sale of shredded cheese. It is part of his plan to make America grate again.


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