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Safer Cars and Less Safe Pensions.

First a bit about safer cars. If you have read my blog posts you know that I expect transportation to change dramatically during the next 5 to10 years. I expect costs to be substantially reduced. I have mentioned the Uber effect. I have mentioned my niece in Chicago who uses Uber to get around town. I was with her recently, and she… Read more →

A Change, Another Change, and Some More Changes.

The first change that I would like to tell you about has to do with my function as a Missouri insurance producer.¹ I have been a licensed Missouri insurance producer since 1979, licensed to kill. No, wait. That’s not right. That’s James Bond. My licenses allowed me to sell insurance products in the state of Missouri, but not to kill. As of… Read more →

How much life insurance do I need?

Life insurance pays a cash benefit to a beneficiary upon the death of someone. The human life value. What is the value of a human life?  Of course, a human life has great value with regard to achievement, companionship, inspiration, and so on.  There is also the financial value of a human life.  To understand this concept, ask the question,… Read more →

About long term care insurance.

Long term care insurance pays a benefit when someone cannot physically take care of himself or herself.  The benefit is used to pay for expenses related to home health care, skilled nursing care, intermediate care, or custodial care.  Tax qualified long term care insurance policies must pay benefits based on the insured’s need for assistance with the two or more… Read more →